linchpin Linchpins of Liberty Mission Statement

Linchpins of Liberty is an American leadership-development enterprise designed to challenge the imagination of the rising generation. With an emphasis on the study of books about the human condition and about civil social order, Linchpins of Liberty aims to engage tomorrow’s leaders to think critically today about the inter-relation between individual liberty and morality, free-markets, limited government, strong national defense, and the traditional principles of our moral and constitutional order which have been passed down through Western Civilization.

Linchpins of Liberty was founded in 2010 by Kevin Kookogey. An entertainment lawyer by trade, Mr. Kookogey spent the better part of 20 years in the music industry, representing recording artists, songwriters, record companies, music publishers, touring entities, and merchandising enterprises. But with the responsibility of raising and homeschooling six (6) children in an age of creeping socialism, Mr. Kookogey discovered a previously untapped passion for teaching – especially on the topics of American Civics, conservative thought, the broader principles of ordered liberty, and Western Civilization. Mr. Kookogey is actively involved in the his local community in Franklin, Tennessee. In addition to his membership on the Williamson County Executive Committee, Mr. Kookogey also teaches Western Civilization, Civics, and Basic Economics to homeschoolers, while mentoring high school and college students in conservative history and thought. Mr. Kookogey and his wife, Bonnie, are active members of The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., and were recently featured in Heritage Member News. Kevin and Bonnie Kookogey have also taught Kindergarten Sunday School at Christ Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee, since 1993.

Board of Directors – the Board of Directors of Linchpins of Liberty is under construction. When fully constituted, the Linchpins Board will be comprised of local, regional, national and student representatives committed to further the cause of ordered liberty in local communities. All board member names and biographies will be posted here once the full Board of Directors has been constituted.

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